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Nomad of iran

Duration: 8 days

Description :



Tour Date

Morning schedule


Afternoon Schedule



Nov. 4th


Morning flight to Shiraz – Set off for nomad camps

nomadic camp

nomadic tour

nomadic camp

nomadic camp

Nov. 5th


Nomad tour (wander about and witness the nomadic life and activities)

nomadic camp

Set off for Shiraz and Shayan Hotel check in

tour (Naseerol Molk Mosque, Zeenatol Molk House, Naranjestaane Qavaam)

Kateh Mass Restaurant

Shayan Hotel

Nov. 6th


Hotel check out – visit Persepolis and Necropolis

Parsian Restaurant

Visit Pasargadae – set off for Yazd and zein o din Hotel check in

A restaurant along the way


Nov. 7th


Hotel chek out-visit kharanagh and fahraj


Set off for yazd and termeh hotel chek in and visit city


Termeh Traditional Hotel

Nov. 8th


Yazd city tour (fire temple, tower of silence, Meer Chakhmagh, Water Museum, Grand Mosque) and chek out hote

Khan Doha Restaurant

The ancient part of the city, Dowlat Abaad Garden, Lari’s House) and Set off for Isfahan


Avicenna Traditional Hotel

Nov. 9th


Isfahan city tour (Naqshe Jahan Square)

Abbasi Hotel Restaurant

Isfahan city tour (Chehel Setoon Palace, Monaar Jonban, Hasht Behesht, Hakeem Mosque, Khajoo Bridge, Seeyo-Se Pol Bridge)

Grand Beryani (known as Beryani-e Aazam)

Avicenna Traditional Hotel

Nov. 10th


Isfahan city tour (Vank Cathedral, Ali Gholi Agha Bath, Seyyed Mosque, Abbasi Grand Mosque)

Jolfa Restaurant

Hotel check out, set off for Abyaneh, Abyaneh Hotel check in

Abyaneh Hotel Restaurant

Abyaneh Hotel

Nov. 11th


Visit Abyaneh Village and set off for Kashan

Kashan’s Abbasi Restaurant

Kashan city tour and hotel check out to set off for Tehran

A restaurant on the way



Tour Services:

  1. Two days and a night in a nomadic camp with breakfast, two lunch meals and a dinner, plus an excursion around the area
  2. Two days and one night accommodation in Shiraz with breakfast
  3. Two days and two nights’ accommodation in Yazd with breakfast
  4. Two days and two nights’ accommodation in Isfahan with breakfast
  5. one day and a nights accommodation in abyaneh and kashan with breakfast


The hotels we’ve considered are all top 2 or 3 star hotels.

The rooms are all double or triple (there are no singles).

Breakfast is served free of charge at the hotel, but lunch and dinner is on the visitors themselves and the restaurants are recommendations and can be changed based on the visitor’s preferences and the tour location.

All entrance fees are on the visitors themselves.