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Nomad Tour (Keylagh )

Description :

Kylaq conditions have provided the cultural village that tourists in one-day program, with customs, arts, and everyday life are intimately familiar Qashqai tribal population. Ahmedabad attractions of the village have used it to anyone interested in rural tourism, in the short term, however, the mood of the nomadic and rural life in a place of experience. Our position near the village of Ahmadabad, the district is Farashband Dehram in the city. We track Shiraz tourism - Firozabad - Siraf port, are adjacent road.

If you are traveling from the city of Shiraz, our suggestion is to move your tour of Shiraz is around 7am. In the way of historic sites can visit Firozabad, especially girls Castle and the Palace of Artaxerxes. Firozabad to leave behind, in the direction of Assaluyeh have to walk 70 km to reach Kylaq. If you do not stop in Firozabad, for travel from Shiraz to Kylaq, a little more than two hours. Despite the halt in Firozabad, you can still eat lunch in Kylaq.

We have here an extremely safe environment and have fun. Broad plain with large farms and orchards of lemons and beautiful palm groves. In the plains, rural and nomadic life in the neighborhood and we'll eager the opportunity to experience the beauties and difficulties of this life closely.

Depending on what you wanted from us, until tomorrow morning, after a hearty breakfastand unsurpassed before leaving us:

  • Lunch and dinner in Siyah Chadors of Kylaq with traditional dishes of excellent quality and fresh local dairy will desire.
  • Our Vegetable farm is next to our Siyah Chadors. Taste the organic vegetables and free of any pesticides and fertilizers, as well as local cuisine of Kylaq.
  • Experience the Intimate atmosphere and pleasant nomadic and talking with indigenous people.
  • The morning, watching the local bread baking and desire the breakfast with nice local hot Tiri bread.
  • Enjoy to Drinking the Iranian healthy tea beside the fire in the vicinity of Siyah Chadors of Qashqai.
  • Buttermilk soup and fresh local dairy products (yogurt, buttermilk, Mastynh, curd and butter) is produced daily in Siyah Chadors of, experiencing the freshness and natural flavor of them with our native foods.
  • Local foods, baking bread and dairy products (especially musk handling) to watch and be experiencing in the form of a workshop.
  • Get to know with Qashqai crafts and watching the different stages of production of them.
  • attending Île ritual:
  • Ding pot Regulations (Rice Koubi) with songs Hayna Halle; Ding Ding is the most beautiful songs of Iranian folk music and we do it with the sound of the trumpet master Ibrahim by participation of elegant women of Île in the best way we give it to you.
  • Halle rituals by women and rituals timber combat by men: Halle is most glorious rituals in our culture and you’ll see the joy and poise while they have put hand in the neck of together. We will perform you these two rituals also by the sound of the trumpet master Abraham, Île famous musician.
  • Qashqai nomad’s daily activities families can see at dusk. Herds of sheep will return before sunset from grazing. This moments are peak of activity of family members; on most days of the year, nomadic peoples Moreover graze their livestock in the nature, they feed with alfalfa and barley. Watch sheep when they hurried to the manager, The influx of lambs and Goats freed from the sheepfold to eat breast milk, Milking the sheep by women And photographing the activities of people who warmly accepted your presence in the magical evening light is unique experience.
  • If you wish, you can also experience horseback riding in Kylaq.
  • Taking pictures with costumes Qashqai in Siyah Chador art space and the enduring memory of being in Kylaq.
  • In the rural sector of our programs, Visit the farms and palm groves in Ahmadabad with the possibility to participate in the work and buy seasonal produce (tomatoes, cabbage, peppers, squash.).


Kylaq is the only place you can experience it all.

We are pleased to meet you in Kylaq.