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We are pleased to offer our services for obtaining maximum 30 days tourist visa which is extendable in Iran. Visa issuance procedure: We can contribute in issuance of your visa in coordination with Visa Department in Ministry of Foreign Affairs (M.O.F). After you fill in the requested information on the visa form (in two separate attachments for individual &group traveler) we transfer your visa application to M.O.F. This process takes 10 working days after sending application form to the mentioned department. The visa procedures for American, British, Canadian and Australian citizens are longer as we need 15-25 working days. Your Visa Authorization as a reference number will be sent simultaneously to you and to the Iran consulate or embassy of the place which you applied for Iran visa. This Visa authorization is based on your application file at M.O.F, whereupon the Iranian Embassy will issue your visa. Nevertheless you have a freehand in plan & programming your entire travel itinerary. Besides we are able to help you planning your journey with the least amount of restrictions possible and will do our utmost to remain flexible according to your needs. you need to make all of your travel arrangements including accommodation, internal flights, and/or a private car & guide/driver throughout the trip in advance. The maximum duration of a tourist visa is 30 days. However, this is at the discretion of the foreign ministry bureaus around the country to extend your visa. Visas can be collected at any Iranian consulate or Embassy (consulate section) around the world even in the Iranian interest section in Pakistan Embassy in Washington DC. In the US. Please note, you need to inform us at the time of application, which country you wish to collect your visa. Visa issuance for American and British passport holders is subject to particular regulations. For example at the moment the Iran Ministry of Foreign Affairs does not allow American passport holders to travel to Iran independently. Americans are required to travel on escorted tours; either as part of a tour group, or a tailor made individual tour. An exact itinerary, to which you must adhere, is compulsory.

Required documents for visa application upon arrival

Required documents for visa application upon arrival In order to have your visa issued in Iran airport, the applier should have two way tickets and the passport validity must be of minimum 6 month. The applier is also required to render one photo together with 35.00 Euro for the applier for each attendant, and to complete the related visa forms.