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About Us

Air travel and tourism company Omidan Parvaz

Ground Handler in iran

The Omidan Parvaz Company was stablished in 1996 with the name Chehel Sutun. The company was renamed in 2004 and continued under the management of Mr. Omid Nikookar.

 The company based on the idea of ​​the founder “Mansour Nikookar”, aiming quality service and customer satisfaction, was established. 

Since 2004 the company officially entered the country's tourist industry and aviation. After passing the A and B, taken serious steps in this direction. 

Other aim of company was to attract tourists from around the world, the most important scholars and tourists entered to the country from Persian Gulf countries and Lebanon. Since 2013 we have accept tourists from European countries in our agenda.

Also in 2013 the Omidan Parvazan Company launched an online reservation system for travel agencies in the country.

 CEO of the company tries to reach their goal which is being one of the top tourism industrial and they are sure they will achieve this.

 The tireless efforts of the executive and management team, now Omidan Parvazan co. has won various titles and honors, including the title of the top agencies in the 2004 of the Cultural Heritage, customer satisfaction, and taking Rank in the sale of the airline system.

 Undoubtedly, the biggest asset of the company is passengers and valuable employees with the effort to improve services to customers and interact with airlines able to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction.

The company outlined plans in the not too distant future strategic to reach the ten leading tourism Agencies in the country.
We hope that with your cooperation we can advance our goals of the tourism industry and promote the ideals of the Islamic Republic of IRAN by effective and large steps.

In 2012 the company managed to rank 20th in the country in terms of sales for IRAN AIR co.

In adition this company managed travel pack for turkye from 2013-2014 for about 6000 pax and from 2014 to 2015 about 18000 passengers to turkye.

We hope and plan to increase this record for next year.